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We're here to help your agency automate

We’re the only providers of a brand new service for digital marketing agencies — building data and automation solutions tailored to your agency’s unique strategies. Delivered by developers and cloud engineers with actual, hands-on experience managing PPC campaigns.
data automation specialists for digital marketing agencies
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Developers and cloud engineers who get agencies.

We’re a London-based team of cloud engineers, developers, and data engineers who started out as PPC account managers in big agencies like Merkle and Brainlabs, so we have deep experience not just in building tech, but why and how it’s useful to digital marketing agencies.
We have helped agencies in the UK and the US and our team is international. Most importantly, our PPC background means you get a proactive partner and quick time to value.
Your strategy and focus make you unique and we have worked with agencies that focus on big clients, small clients, an industry vertical like dentists, or a single platform like Amazon. We create solutions that build on your unique strategy!

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Our team

From backend developers to data scientists, one thing links everyone in our team: a passion for automating marketing processes and creating innovative solutions for our clients. 

Most of us used to work at big digital marketing agencies, and quickly found that the more manual aspects of account management (reporting, ad copy changes, etc.) could (and should!) be automated.

We learned to code, started Acuto, and now help digital marketing agencies around the world with data, automation, and innovation. 

julian ppc automation ceo

Julian Modiano

Founder & CEO

Julian was once a PPC account manager at Merkle, before learning to code and founding Acuto to help digital marketing agencies around the world automate and innovate.

janne automation solutions consultant


Lead Solutions Consultant

Janne used to manage PPC campaigns at ForwardPMX, before her love for SQL brought her to Acuto where she now builds data warehouses and insightful dashboards for agencies.

anna backend developer


Backend Developer

Before learning to code and joining Acuto, Anna was a PPC account manager at Brainlabs. Now she builds custom solutions and web apps to automate marketing processes.


Frontend Developer

Bahar joined Acuto with a wealth of frontend experience, which she now applies to the bespoke software we build for digital marketing agencies all over the world.

alex marketing data solutions


Data Solutions Consultant

Alex quickly learned that automation is key in the world of PPC, and was before joining us from MediaCom was already writing scripts. He now applies that to data solutions for our clients.

hashim data scientist marketing


Data Scientist

Hashim started off in PPC at Assembly Global, moving to the data science team. Since joining Acuto he’s been applying his love of maths and algorithms to innovative data solutions.

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