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Enhanced Budget Pacing & Alerts for KlientBoost

Streamlining Budget Management for 100+ Accounts

With over 100 clients, manual budget management systems struggle to keep up with budget pacing and become time consuming to update. We worked with Klientboost to create a custom solution that combines cost data with account and campaign budgets, all in one place.


Client accounts

Tracking spend vs. budget in real time


Ad networks

Spend tracking across 9 platforms using Funnel


Team members

Customized email alerts for various combinations of team members

How KlientBoost Worked With Acuto

The Challenge:

We helped streamline Klientboost’s budget management system with quick account and campaign pacing checks and a comprehensive overview of their account spendings.

Before they reached out to us, Klientboost stored all their budget and account information in separate documents in Google Workspace. Their system was updated manually, which worked well for individual clients but didn’t allow a budget overview and spend pacing for the entire agency. With over 100 clients, budget pacing was time-consuming, risking accidental over and underspends. 

Klientboost had already set up a data warehouse by using Funnel as marketing data hub, which meant they already had access to real-time spend data across different platforms. Funnel makes it incredibly easy to connect multiple data sources to the same data warehouse, which allowed us to build a solution that would pull budget data accurately from multiple sheets into a single BigQuery table, where it joined platform, team, and cost data.

Our Solution:

We developed an automated solution that combines real-time cost data with account and campaign budgets. Taking the budget data from the data warehouse, we were able to efficiently combine the spend and budget data using a few SQL queries.  

We then built a holistic report that displays spend and budget data per account and per team, and visualised this in a dashboard so anyone in the agency could have a quick overview of account pacing vs. budgets.

To avoid cases where budgets could be heavily over or underspent, we enhanced our solution with built-in custom alerts to send emails to team members when spend is over/under pacing, ensuring that pacing issues within the account do not go unnoticed. 

Alerts can be fully customised by KlientBoost using a simple Google Sheet, which allows alerts to be tailored not just in their thresholds (i.e. send an alert when 50% of the budget is spent), but also in their destination: some alerts are sent to the whole team, some just to account managers, and others just to directors and their immediate team.

Acuto’s expertise allowed us to take full advantage of Funnel’s marketing data hub to enable a budget pacing solution that allows deeper insights, reduces risk, and streamlines the process for client and agency teams alike.
Andre Santos

Director of Data at KlientBoost

How We Did It

  • We first built a script in Google Apps Script to gather all account information from multiple Google Sheets into one BigQuery table. 
  • Integrated budget data with real-life cost data from various platforms including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter and many more. 
    • Funnel allowed the team to pull data from sources quickly and efficiently into BigQuery. 
  • Built a custom SQL query to combine performance data with budget information.
  • Created a report using Looker Studio (previously Data Studio) with built-in filters to provide in-depth insight, such as client name and platform, and custom filters for employees to tailor the report to their specific needs. Additional enhancements included data visualisation using metrics of projected forecasts per month.   
  • We created a separate page for historic views to help managers track client spend over time and spot trends.
  • A script was built to send custom alerts based on spend pacing of accounts to relevant employees. 
  • Using Looker Studio, we visualised sent alerts to manage the number of emails sent to users and provide the team with an overview of daily sent alerts per account/platform. 

The Results

What's Next

Acuto built a comprehensive tool that allows the team to track spend quickly and efficiently, ensure they are staying within the budget and safeguard the team from under/overspending the account budgets using an alert system that will notify them promptly. 

Our solution visualises everything in a clear and accessible way,  so anyone in the team can have a quick overview of how the accounts are performing.

Klientboost now has a robust and efficient budget management solution to  track spend quickly and efficiently and stay within budget — saving the team hours every week. 

With Acuto’s help, they now have a solution with a holistic overview of account spending that alerts them of any pacing issues moving forward.

Ready to automate your agency?

Do you spend hours on tracking the cost against your clients’ budgets? Acuto can help you automate your budget management system, alerting you when you are close to exceeding your budgets and visualising everything in a clear and accessible way, so everyone in your agency can have a quick overview of how accounts are performing.

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