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Custom Facebook Attribution for SocialTap
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Why pay license fees for data pipeline tools that connect to 500+ channels when your agency is specialised in a channel?

​We worked with SocialTap to create a custom and highly granular data warehouse to store all of their Facebook Ads data, for all of their clients, under one roof – unlocking unique and valuable insights.

Data Warehouse

Enterprise-level data warehouse with all client data in one place. Low cost and high performance.

Custom Webhook

Automated data flow via a custom built webhoook owned by SocialTap – no license fees.


Beautiful reports that are always up to date and easy to share with clients to show SocialTap’s success.

Why SocialTap Needed a Data Partner

SocialTap focus on Facebook advertising for car dealers and car finance brokers and thanks to their specialisation they have developed superior strategies that get more people into new cars.
The Challenge:

SocialTap’s wanted to gain even more of a competitive advantage with advanced analytics and agency-level insights at the most granular level possible.

​It was also key to address changes resulting from the iOS 14 update and to get as much data as possible to improve targeting and to keep on the cutting edge of Facebook advertising.

Our Solution:

Consulting & Planning

Our data engineers and developers have a PPC background, allowing us to understand the problem quickly and to identify the most effective technical solutions.

Data Warehouse Set-up and Management

To create a single source of truth we created a Google BigQuery data warehouse and built custom API connections to pull Facebook Ads data at a granular level (from campaigns to ads, creatives, demographics, and much more!) To run analytics and reporting our experienced team built tables and efficient SQL queries that keep BigQuery costs low.

Purpose-built Webhook to Track the Entire User Journey

We built SocialTap a webhook that allows data from AutoConvert (the industry-standard CRM) to feed data into their new BigQuery data warehouse. This data is then merged with Facebook data, allowing the team to accurately attribute all stages of the user journey to Facebook Ads data (more on this below).


Facebook conversions are inaccurate to begin with because they are usually “soft” conversions and after the iOS 14 update SocialTap needed a more robust way to track and attribute conversions across the customer journey.

​After all, a click or view doesn’t mean someone has filled out a form; and multiple forms are required before a customer has actually been accepted for finance or bought a car.

We created a webhook that capture different conversion events at different stages of the customer journey and when an event is triggered (e.g. someone fills out an application for car finance). A custom Cloud Function then sends that data to the data warehouse instantly.

​This data can now be viewed alongside with data from Facebook Ads data to get a more accurate picture of campaign performance at the various stages of the user journey.

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