Unify Ad data & manage campaigns with shape

With a purpose built advertising data warehouse powered by Shape’s two-way API you store all your data in your BigQuery, report on it centrally, and are able to push optimisation changes back to the ad networks with our custom solutions. You save your team time, get new insights with advanced analytics, and your clients notice the change.

Unify Ad data & manage campaigns with shape

Shape maintains APIs and normalises your ad data so it's readily comparable

Data stored in your own BigQuery for a flexible set-up, you own your solutions

Two-way API allows you to push optimisation changes back to ad networks

The most successful marketing agencies rely on technology to scale their operations and performance. Shape’s ADI was developed to enable agencies to build this scalable, state-of-the-art advertising technology.

Common challenges

Your data pipeline has a one-way API so you can report on data but can’t push optimisation changes back to ad networks?

Connecting multiple data sources with a custom solution is expensive because it requires maintaining a number of APIs?

Your clients get cross-channel reports from you that they could get from any other agency as well?

Data Warehouse

Two-Way API


“We have been able to create very high performing accounts from the very start; dramatically increasing results while at the same time, reducing the need for maintenance, troubleshooting and exploration. We could not have done this without Acuto and the power that Shape brings to the table.”
Andre Santos
Andre Santos

Co-Founder of Pain-Free Dental Marketing

“In the past, leveraging Shape ADI has required agencies to have in-house development teams which can execute on the vision. Acuto’s deep understanding of ad-tech coupled with the ADI’s scalability has made this state of art technology accessible to all agencies. They have removed the barriers between agencies and their data to deliver complex, custom solutions faster and at a lower cost.”

Chris Vlessis
CEO & Co-Founder of Shape

We are developers and cloud engineers who get agencies

We’re a London-based team of Google Cloud Engineers and Full Stack Web Developers who started out as PPC account managers in big agencies like Merkle, so we understand what we’re doing and why.

We have helped agencies in the UK and the US and our team is international. Most importantly, our PPC background means you get a proactive partner and quick time to value.

Your strategy and focus make you unique and we have worked with agencies that focus on big clients, small clients, an industry vertical like dentists, or a single platform like Amazon. We create solutions that build on your unique strategy!

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Fully managed advertising data warehouse

100% PPC Focus

Our developers and cloud engineers have PPC backgrounds so we know what kind of analytics an agency needs. So your team can get to the next level and impress clients.

Not Just a Reseller

We rely on Shape ADI because the two-way API is simply the best tool available to create custom PPC solutions that are fed by cross-channel data. In record speed!

Own your Data Solutions

Shape is one of the tools we use to unify data in your own BigQuery data warehouse that we manage for you. So you are independent, flexible, and use enterprise tech.

Become a data innovator

Become a data innovator Cross-channel insights without data wrangling and reliable automated reporting - ready to be shared.

New strategies enabled by automated reporting, machine learning and advanced analytics.

A new way to talk to clients about data with the confidence that your insights are unique.

Want to learn more about our unique approach?

Email us to get the eBook and find out about our 3 guiding principles for PPC innovation!

  1. Break down data silos 
  2. Automate to innovate
  3. Internalise an innovation culture
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