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Opteo Recommendations to Automation

Automating The Workflow For A Growing Marketing Agency

Wishing that you could automate daily management tasks and create more room for productivity? Read on to find out how we helped Layer Cake make their operations simple by embracing Opteo through . 

The team at Layer Cake love integrating Opteo into their operations to make the more menial tasks that come with running an agency quick and digestible. They add all the relevant Opteo recommendations to their management system for the operations team to monitor.

Here at Acuto, we helped the team take it one step further by linking their board directly to the Opteo API. Gone are the days of manual data entry and tedious updates!


Client accounts

Tracking Opteo recommendations for dozens of clients


Hours saved

Savings the team dozens of hours every month 


Tasks tracked

Every recommendation from the Opteo API added to

How Layer Cake Worked With Acuto

The Challenge:

Keeping on top of daily management tasks can be hard in the ever-changing environment of a growing marketing agency like Layer Cake. The small team was seeking solutions to help manage their steadily expanding workload – and automating some of their management processes sounded like just the trick to allow more bandwidth to focus on bigger plans!

Our Solution:

We developed a bespoke Opteo recommendations workflow tool that pulls in Google Ads recommendations and turns these into tasks in By grouping tasks based on accounts and recommendation types, and ordering them by priority, the need for manual sorting is eliminated, solving the problem that the Layer Cake team were facing!

How We Did It

But what steps did we take to get there? Take a look at this breakdown:

  • Step 1: We advised Layer Cake to create a board that suits their unique wants and needs, so they can manage their Google Ads recommendations from Opteo like pros.
  • Step 2: We created a Cloud Function that runs daily and uses the Opteo API to keep an eye out for any new recommendations. It’s like having a personal assistant for their ads!
  • Step 3: If any new recommendations are found, they get added to the board and sorted by clients and recommendation types. The tasks are then automatically reordered every time, so the important stuff gets done first.
  • Step 4: Adding a new client is quick and simple – they just add them to the board and voila! They’re good to go.

The Results

What's Next

So, as expected, after implementing our bespoke software, we were able to significantly reduce the Layer Cake team’s admin workload. This means they now have more brainpower to dedicate to strategy planning and implementation – success!

We’ve enjoyed working closely with Layer Cake, and have several projects in the pipeline. 

Next up, we’re creating an auto budget updater tool which will automate the process of updating account and campaign budgets in the Opteo and Google Ads platform, saving the team time, and increasing efficiency around tasks which could easily fall victim to human error!

Ready to automate your agency?

Want to ditch the boring parts of running your business and actually make use of your team’s great talents? That’s where Acuto comes in! We can help you build a variety of bespoke tools to automate the more tedious tasks so that you can focus on what matters most to your unique agency.

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