We helped combine SEO and PPC data for BrandCraft by leveraging Authoritas and Shape – allowing the entire team to make make better strategic decisions across all of their campaigns.

Keywords combined
Pain-Free Dental Marketing specializes in a single vertical but couldn’t discover which search terms performed best in ads. We unified historic search term data for all clients in BigQuery and used n-gram analysis to find identify the intent behind search terms across the entire dentistry vertical.
Search terms analyzed
Eco Grant UK relied on phone calls for their customer service but faced ineligible customers swarming their phone lines. Our custom chatbot vetted interested users before adding their data to a CRM which increased their eligible leads.
Leads generated

We worked with SocialTap to create a custom and highly granular data warehouse to store all of their Facebook Ads data, for all of their clients, under one roof – and then combining it with AutoConvert’s CRM data to attribute conversions with close to 100% accuracy.

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Leads processed monthly

Anyone who manages Amazon seller/vendor accounts knows how tedious reporting and data analysis can be. We built a custom data warehouse for all of Unicorn Orange’s needs, unlocking new levels of insight and analysis that were previously impossible. 

Client accounts
Sitruna is a specialist Amazon PPC agency that had all of their Amazon data in BigQuery, but was struggling to enable their team to use it. We built them a Google Sheets add-on that lets anyone query data without writing a single line of SQL.
Custom Google Sheets Extension for Sitruna
Hours saved per month

We helped the team at Layer Cake automate adding all relevant Opteo recommendations to monday.com by linking their monday.com board directly to the Opteo API. Gone are the days of manual data entry and tedious updates!

Hours saved

With over 100 clients, manual budget management systems struggle to keep up with budget pacing and become time consuming to update. We worked with Klientboost to create a custom solution that combines cost data with account and campaign budgets, all in one place.

Client accounts

When all of your clients are in a specific niche, the opportunities for automation are everywhere. We built an auto reply system to ensure the team at Pain-Free Dental Marketing can focus on implementing strategic marketing plans, while customers that leave 5 star reviews for their clients get automatic (but dynamic and personalized) replies!

Hours saved per month
Centralising agency data in BrandCraft’s data warehouse was key to their growth. We set up a BigQuery data warehouse, used Shape’s Enterprise ADI as a data pipeline, and added additional data sources via custom-built APIs.
Removing Data Silos for BrandCraft
Channels normalized and joined

We built a data warehouse for Primal, one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Thailand to optimize their strategy, plan out their tasks more efficiently, and find out hidden errors to increase delivery speeds.

Spend optimized

We built bespoke software that scraped dozens of news sources to alert the sales team whenever a security breach occurred. This allowed salespeople to be first on the scene and appear when they needed it most, which in turn provided a much better experience for their clients.

Prospects tracked

Repli realised that most of their clients were coming to them for the same tools, so we built a highly effective tool called Multihub that allows all of their clients to quickly and easily make use of the experience Repli has built up over the years.

Platform integrations