Unleash Your Agency's Potential with Unique Automation Solutions

Start automating menial tasks with simple automation scripts, or opt for bespoke automation software your agency will own. We can develop the automation solution your agency is missing.

At the core of Acuto is a team of developers with a strong background in digital marketing and paid media. We create custom automation solutions that enable marketing agencies to do more in less time.

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Simplifying Marketing Automation for Agencies

You don’t have to be an automation expert to automate your agency. Our team of specialists can do it for you.

Automation Scripts

Leverage automation scripts to automate any repetitive process in your workflow and save valuable resources.

Custom Automation Tools

Automate processes agency-wide and gain an edge over your competition with your very own bespoke software.​

Enhanced Data Insights

Automate click-intensive data entry tasks and get better insights from your data using automation scripts.

Agencies That Now Own Custom Automation Solutions

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Ready to Automate Your Data? Let’s Get Started!

Agency Automation Solutions That Work for You

Automation software for agencies should have all the functionality they need. Take the guesswork out of your search for automation software and get a custom automation solution built for you instead of resorting to off-the-shelf marketing automation software.

How To Get Started With Agency Automation

Hop on a Discovery Call

Bored of wasting time on repetitive tasks? We’ll analyse your workflow to discover pain points and identify where automation can make the most significant impact.

Develop Your Automation Solution

We’ll work as an extension of your team to develop the tool you’re missing and help you start working more efficiently.

Propose an Automation Plan

Based on your needs, we’ll propose automation scripts or develop a custom tool to eliminate your pain points.

Own Your Automation Solution Forever

Once your automation script or custom automation tool is built, you get to keep and use it forever. There are no recurring payments common with off-the-shelf software.

Custom Automation Scripts for Any Web App & Platform

Whether your agency uses Google Apps, Meta for Developers, Authoritas, or any other apps, our developers have expertise in writing automation scripts and seamlessly integrating their data into a custom app your agency will own.

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Ready to Automate Your Data? Let’s Get Started!

Take Ownership of Your Agency Automation

Implementing automation can be challenging for agencies, so leaving it to the experts is better. Skip the cookie-cutter software every other company uses, and let us help your agency succeed with a custom automation solution. You’ll get to own the bespoke automation tool we develop and gain a distinct advantage over your competition.

Our Top Agency Automation Case Studies

Read the case studies of clients that worked with us to add automation in their agency.

When all of your clients are in a specific niche, the opportunities for automation are everywhere. We built an auto reply system to ensure the team at Pain-Free Dental Marketing can focus on implementing strategic marketing plans, while customers that leave 5 star reviews for their clients get automatic (but dynamic and personalized) replies!

Hours saved per month

Eco Grant UK relied on phone calls for their customer service but faced ineligible customers swarming their phone lines. Our custom chatbot vetted interested users before adding their data to a CRM which increased their eligible leads.

Leads generated

With over 100 clients, manual budget management systems struggle to keep up with budget pacing and become time consuming to update. We worked with Klientboost to create a custom solution that combines cost data with account and campaign budgets, all in one place.

Client accounts

Sitruna is a specialist Amazon PPC agency that had all of their Amazon data in BigQuery, but was struggling to enable their team to use it. We built them a Google Sheets add-on that lets anyone query data without writing a single line of SQL.

Hours saved per month

We helped the team at Layer Cake automate adding all relevant Opteo recommendations to monday.com by linking their monday.com board directly to the Opteo API. Gone are the days of manual data entry and tedious updates!

Hours saved

Agency Automation FAQ

Agency automation implies automating tasks, processes, and workflows in agencies to utilise time and resources more effectively. Commonly automated tasks are the menial, repetitive, and click-intensive ones, such as data entry, customer support, lead generation, reporting, analytics, and more. With automation for agencies, these tasks can be executed error-free and in no time, freeing up employees to focus on high-level tasks and strategy planning.

Marketing automation focuses on automating specific marketing tasks, such as email marketing, PPC bidding, ad copy generation, landing page optimisation, customer segmentation, social media management, lead nurturing, and more.

Marketing agencies typically resort to using off-the-shelf automation software. However, this type of software comes with pre-defined features and functionalities, so not every agency can take full advantage of it. Here is where custom marketing automation for agencies comes in.

Agency automation refers to automating any internal task or process within an agency, while marketing automation focuses only on marketing tasks. Every agency can benefit from automating click-intensive processes that take up too much time, regardless of whether they are marketing tasks. That said, marketing tasks are still the most commonly automated type in agencies.

Almost any task in an agency can be automated, including onboarding processes, approvals and signoffs, sales funnels, email marketing, data collection and processing, payroll, accounting, data backup, and anything else that is repetitive and click-intensive.

Suppose you or your team often spend valuable time on tasks that follow a standardised set of steps and are done routinely. In that case, you can automate those steps and save valuable time and resources that could be better utilised elsewhere.

Agency automation brings many benefits because it replaces humans in the execution of repetitive and menial tasks. First, automation eliminates human errors when working with large data sets, leading to higher data accuracy. And secondly, it saves employees lots of time, enabling your agency to work more efficiently.

Next, automation enables you to perform tasks of enormous scope that would be impossible to do by hand but can be done by a computer in seconds. This benefit allows you to take on complex tasks and deliver higher-quality services as an agency.

Lastly, agency automation allows you to gain more insights from the data you own by automating data processing, analytics, and reporting. The benefits don’t stop here, so contact us to discuss how your agency can benefit from marketing automation services.

To start automating tasks and processes in your agency, you should identify critical pain points. These are points in your workflow where productivity is low, or your resources are utilised poorly. The next step is to seek out an adequate solution for automating them. When you’ve identified a problem and a suitable solution, the last steps are to test and implement the automation solution.

Working with an agency automation team with an extensive coding and digital marketing background allows you to identify problems and effective automation solutions much more quickly. Such experts are best equipped to integrate automation solutions quickly and seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Acuto can help agencies automate various tasks by developing custom automation scripts for any web app or platform or by building a bespoke software tool to automate an entire process within an agency.

Our team of developers has decades of combined experience in digital marketing and PPC, allowing us to understand your marketing agency’s core and develop a customised automation solution tailored to your specific needs.

We can help you automate your agency using ad copy scripts, reactive bidding scripts, n-gram analysis tools, custom dashboards and reports, chatbots and custom tools that you can use agency-wide. Contact us to discuss what we can do for your particular agency.

Acuto has worked with many great agencies to create custom solutions for their specific needs. We’ve helped agencies combine SEO and PPC data, used n-gram analysis to process data across verticals, created a variety of scripts and extensions for Google Ads, automated manual data entry using custom APIs, created PPC budget pacers and alerts, developed a Google reviews auto-reply tool, and much more. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve done all that.

Off-the-shelf and custom automation software primarily differ in the level of customisation.

Off-the-shelf software is built on the one-size-fits-all model because it’s commercial software designed to be sold to everyone. It often has a variety of functionalities you might not even need but lacks specific tools your agency does.

Custom software is built with the specific customer in mind, meaning that you can choose the exact tools your agency needs and have a bespoke software development company like Acuto build them for you. You can save lots of money and get much better results by opting for a custom tool instead of using commercial software that isn’t designed to meet your specific expectations.

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