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Building Bespoke Software for a Marketing Agency
multihub - bespoke software developed for a property marketing agency
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A Centralised Website Builder, Insights Explorer, and Ads Generator

Repli360 works with multifamily properties and organisations around the world to help them own their online presence. All of their clients are property managers, and belong to the same multifamily home niche.

When Repli360 realised that most of their clients were coming to them for the same tools, they approached us, knowing that they could save heaps of time and resources by introducing automation.

Our solution? We built them a highly effective tool called Multihub that allows all of their clients to quickly and easily make use of the experience Repli360 has built up over the years.



Data connections to import property and performance data


Clients onboarded

Already onboarded over 40 clients and thousands of properties


Automated reports

Performance reports automatically generated for every client

How Repli360 Worked With Acuto

marketing agency automation
The Challenge:

As mentioned, when Repli360 saw that many of its clients were asking for help with similar ad accounts, websites, and reports, they brought us on board to build bespoke software that could help them do this more effectively. 

The challenge was working with complicated property management API’s (such as Realpage, Yardi, and Entrata) combined with scraping where necessary in order to pull data together in a way that made it both easy and intuitive for clients to access. 

This required us to allow connections to dozens of integrations, including everything you see in the screenshot.

Other challenges included visualising reports on all of the above sources, and automating ad account creation and management as well as the building of websites using parameters pulled from the property management platforms.

Our Solution:

Our bespoke software solution allowed for all the above, enabling Repli360’s clients to connect all of their data, gain insights & automate their ad accounts. 

Clients can now log in and easily connect as many integrations as they’d like. Connecting new integrations also automatically enables exciting new functionalities, such as ad platforms, which enables performance reporting, and property management software connections, which enables website generation. 

Our solutions allow clients to build entire websites for hundreds of their properties using tried-and-tested templates created by Repli360 based on their extensive knowledge of the industry – all at the click of a button! 

To top it all off, our tool allows for immediate access to reporting for a dozen different sources – all of which all seamlessly integrated in a single, cohesive data warehouse that is straightforward and accessible.

multihub integrations - bespoke software developed for a property marketing agency

Acuto has played a pivotal role in the creation and development of our software, MultiHub, and their contributions have been nothing short of exceptional.

Working with Acuto has been an absolute pleasure. Their team is not only highly skilled but also incredibly easy to collaborate with. From the initial stages of our partnership, Acuto demonstrated a remarkable ability to understand our vision and translate it into tangible results. Their dedication to open communication and responsiveness has made the entire development process smooth and efficient.

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Corbin Wrights

CEO & Founder at Repli

How We Did It

We’ve established that our bespoke software solution allows Repli360’s clients to really harness the power of their data in order to increase productivity and maximise profit. But how exactly did we tackle this, you ask? Read on to find out.

  • We worked in month-long sprints, building a react.js frontend and node.js backend
  • Hosted on the infinitely scalable google cloud to allow for future expansion as required 
  • We built software with a modular structure based on microservices – so that new components can be easily added on and existing ones modified
  • CI/CD pipeline means that we can deploy code to production on a regular basis
  • Automated testing in various environments means that we can be extremely quick when deploying new changes without the risk of breakage/glitches.
  • Used our experience in marketing to build a data warehouse in BigQuery for the data and reporting side

The Results

What's Next

The benefits of the bespoke software development we built are countless – but let’s go through some of the key transformations our client saw:

  • 40+ clients already use the platform
  • 100s of hours saved by the Repli team on managing their clients
  • Much easier for all of Repli’s clients to access reporting tools
  • Dozens of websites managed through Multihub

Here at Acuto, we like to make sure that our tools offer nothing but the absolute best to our clients: this is only the beginning!

Thanks to our modular structure, we’re able to quickly build new functionality that works on top of the existing data. Coming up are a GraphQL API to access all this data programmatically, content management systems, automated syncing between client websites and multihub data, and much, much more!

Are you ready to create bespoke software to set your agency apart and impress your clients?

Are you struggling to connect all of your data in order to gain valuable insights and enable exciting new functionalities?

Acuto can help you do this with your own, bespoke software solution that sets you apart from the competition.

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