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Agency-Wide Health Check Dashboard

Tracking Errors For An Agency With 300+ Clients

We built a data warehouse for Primal, one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Thailand to optimize their strategy, plan out their tasks more efficiently, and find out hidden errors to increase delivery speeds.


Client accounts

And all associated campaigns, ad groups, & keywords


Ad networks

Comparing Google, Facebook, & Microsoft ads side by side


Health checks & alerts

Anything from overspending to low quality score campaigns

Why Primal needed

a health check dashboard

The Problem:

Primal is a big agency with a lot of clients and a big team. But like many big agencies, they were also struggling with a common problem: they weren’t able to get a holistic picture of where its teams were struggling the most. 

That’s because very few agencies combine all of their data, from all the different channels, into a single data warehouse. These data silos make it hard to get the full picture. It means that while you can look at Google’s or Facebook’s recommendations in the platform at the account level, it’s hard to know if the team is systematically having issues with a particular recommendation. 

It also means that many problems can fly under the radar for a long time since managers might only see occasional glimpses of these and try to fix them on an ad hoc basis.

It’s also hard to quantify how much is being spent on these errors or sub-optimal setups.

The Solution:

After our industry veterans worked directly with the Primal team, we were able to:

  • Analyze 300+ accounts for 40 health checks
  • Track $600K+ worth of outgoing funds that were spent on potential issues
  • Allow segmentation by account manager, client, team, and even industry vertical
  • Create drill-down tables to make it extremely easy for account managers to hone in on the problem and fix them
  • Create top-level views for managers to get a quick understanding of what are the biggest immediate issues.
The Tech:

Our team at Acuto set up an automated health check dashboard for an agency that caters to well over 300+ clients. 

Through this dashboard, account managers could: 

  • Filter for all of their clients, or just one particular client
  • Look at the agency from a bird’s eye-view and identify errors and classify them in an order of prevalence
  • See the amount of money spent on the various errors
  • Slice the data by industry vertical, allowing everyone to quickly answer questions like “What’s the average Facebook Ads CPC in the fashion industry?”

Step by Step - Here’s How We Did It:

Step 1: We first consolidated all of Primal’s data into a data warehouse. Once all data, for all channels and clients, was normalized and combined in a number of BigQuery tables, analysis for the entire agency could be performed quickly and easily.

Step 2: We then created a ton of SQL queries that would combine the existing data in different ways, creating views that would break down health checks.

Step 3: By maintaining a rigid and standardized naming convention, the industry vertical for every client could be easily extracted right from the account name.

Step 4: We then put all this together in a slick Data Studio dashboard that allowed anyone in the Primal team to easily look at the data, extracting insights such as:

  • The number of errors per account
  • Amount spent on errors, overall and per account
  • Everything could be segmented by date, account, health check, and industry vertical
  • Pinpoint the exact source of the problem so it could easily be rectified
marketing data warehouse health check dashboard

Benefits Of Data Warehousing

Save Time

With a data warehouse, your agency won’t have to rely on a technical professional to handle data retrieval issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

All you have to do is deploy your data model to start collecting data in a matter of seconds. You can accomplish this with most warehousing systems without utilizing a sophisticated query or machine learning software. 

The amount of time your team spends on errors will come down significantly as you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact source of the problem easily.

Increased R.O.I

According to a survey by the International Data Corporation (IDC), deploying a data warehouse delivers a 112 percent average 5-year ROI with a 1.6-year payback period.

It enables you to boost your total ROI by using the value and expertise included in a variety of databanks. You get greater value out of your investment when you use the information collected and systematized within the central repository more frequently.

Enhances Business Intelligence (BI)

Throughout your commercial endeavors, you can utilize a data warehouse to acquire, absorb, and extract data from any source. As a result of the capacity to easily consolidate data from several sources, your BI will improve by leaps and bounds.

Let’s face it: cross-referencing many databanks may be difficult, if not impossible. However, with a data warehouse in place, everyone on your team will have a comprehensive overview of all important data in real-time.

Boosts Data Security

As a company that works with client data on a regular basis, your first concern is to keep the information of your current and potential customers safe.

You may also keep all of your data sources integrated and properly safeguarded by employing a warehousing solution. The risk of a data breach will be greatly reduced as a result of this.

A data warehouse improves security by incorporating cutting-edge security features into its design.

These are just a few of the benefits that data warehousing may provide for your company. It gives you better business intelligence, more reliable decision support, better business practices, and more efficient analytics processing.

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