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Our top data warehousing case studies

Pain-Free Dental Marketing specializes in a single vertical but couldn’t discover which search terms performed best in ads. We unified historic search term data for all clients in BigQuery and used n-gram analysis to find identify the intent behind search terms across the entire dentistry vertical.

N-Gram Analysis for an Entire Industry
Search terms analyzed

We worked with SocialTap to create a custom and highly granular data warehouse to store all of their Facebook Ads data, for all of their clients, under one roof – and then combining it with AutoConvert’s CRM data to attribute conversions with close to 100% accuracy.

girl working on her laptop
Leads processed monthly

Centralising agency data in BrandCraft’s data warehouse was key to their growth. We set up a BigQuery data warehouse, used Shape’s Enterprise ADI as a data pipeline, and added additional data sources via custom-built APIs.

Removing Data Silos for BrandCraft
Channels normalized and joined

We built a data warehouse for Primal, one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Thailand to optimize their strategy, plan out their tasks more efficiently, and find out hidden errors to increase delivery speeds.

Custom Google Sheets Extension for Sitruna
Spend optimized